Hello to all,

Update on units completed are as follows: 901, 904, 801, 1203, 701, & 806.

The condenser lines for 11 & 12 stacks will be done by 11/11/20.

Otis came out to repair the call buttons for elevators 2 and 3. They are working but still need to be pushed a few times to light up. The elevators are coming to all floors. Once Elevator 1 is fixed it will eliminate some glitches with pushing the buttons so many times. Elevator 1 controls a lot of the information that is fed to elevators 2 & 3, so until it is fixed they will have unfamiliar characteristic’s, but they are perfectly safe.

A lot of you have requested a letter stating that Regency Isle “shut down” for the last couple of projects we have had in addition to Hurricanes. We never officially shut down the building. Owners who experienced water intrusion in their units or AC issues in their units will be getting something in writing once I get some firm dates from the repairs being done. I need a completion date in order to do so.

If any one has any questions my phone number is 251-980-1735. Do keep in mind I am in and out of the office, so if you get a recording please leave a message.

Have a good weekend.


Friday November 6, 2020 Update