Hello to all,

I want to update you all on repairs for Regency Isle. All repairs have been completed. We will be going into each unit on Monday to inspect the work that was done and any issues that need to be addressed. Frank will be inspecting with a rep from Coastal Contractors. I have sent out emails to some owners who need their carpet replaced. I sent a picture of the sample carpet swatches I have here in my office. So, far I have only heard a definite from one owner and it is back ordered. Should you need carpet replaced you need to contact me as soon as possible via email or phone call. Another item that is on back order is the crown molding. I will advise you when it arrives.

I have a letter for all owners that experienced a loss of income during the hurricane and repairs. If you will just send me an email requesting I send it to you. If you have a property management company then you can acquire this letter also with them and the number of cancellations with your unit.

All the bids are in for AC replacements and the Board has voted on which company will be chosen. We still have to work out a couple of details and will keep you posted on when your unit will be worked on.

Have a great weekend,


November 13, 2020 Update