Dear Regency Isle Homeowners,
The recovery from the impact of Hurricane Sally is proceeding, albeit more slowly than many would like.  The RI Staff and the Board is doing whatever it possibly can to get the property back to the best possible condition as soon as possible.  The hurricane impact and the various steps required to execute the projects that will be required to complete this task was discussed at length by the Board during the Q3 BOD conference call on October 10.  Following is a summary of where we are today, what is in progress, and what the impact is and is expected to be on our homeowners:

  • SERVPRO completed their work to mitigate the water damage that was experienced on 22-23 units in the building and turned the units over to Coastal Contractors to complete the unit reconstruction/repair process.  Coastal is making solid progress in getting the affected units repaired.  Once Coastal completes repairs in a unit, Frank B inspects the work for quality control purposes.  We expect the work by Coastal to be completed within the next few weeks.
  • The OTIS elevator repair work on #2 and #3 should take place on November 4.  This will help greatly to eliminate the periodic disruptions in elevator service that we have been experiencing since the hurricane.  The more extensive repair to #1  is targeted to be completed the following week, but depends on parts that were on back order.
  • The repairs to the west A/C condenser area are continuing, with line set replacement expected to be completed in the next 7+ days.  Patsy has already reported on this.
  • Island Air completed the unit by unit assessment of A/C condenser and heat pump condition.  The report was submitted to the mechanical engineer that the Board employed to draft the scope of work covering the A/C repair/replacement project.  The project scope was submitted to three companies for bids to execute the project on October 28 with the request for bid submission as soon as possible.
  • Once the A/C project bids are submitted, they must be reviewed by our disaster insurance adjuster and approved to be “fair and reasonable”.  At that point we can select the company that we want to complete the job and proceed.
  • The roofing company that installed our new roof has submitted two separate bids covering different parts of the roof repairs that are necessary.  Our insurance adjuster is working with them to fine tune the  proposals before we can proceed.
  • We are working with C-Sharpe and Coastal on the scope of the project involving the repairs to the exterior surface coating on G, P1 and P2.  We also need to review the exterior coating contract that was executed with C-Sharpe several years ago to understand the warranty language and how/if it is affected by named storm damage. 
  • Coastal is working up the estimate to address peripheral issues such as re-painting the pool fencing, replacing damaged wooden fencing, etc.

The Board recognizes that some of the aforementioned items are causing a disruption to those homeowners who rent units – specifically those that will be impacted by the A/C repairs.  As we said on October 10, owners who choose to continue to make their units available for rent do so at their own risk.  We cannot control when specific A/C units will be out of service, as we do not know when we will be able to make the decision on contractor selection.  The selection timing is based on when the three companies submit their bids, project bid estimate review approval by the disaster insurance adjuster, and the subsequent timing/work schedule of the selected contractor for the project.  We are pushing as fast and hard as we can, but this is a process that we have to follow in order to make sure that we minimize any exposure to the HOA for additional cost above what the insurance company is willing to cover.
To summarize, we are doing the best that we can to get our property back to normal.  The staff is doing everything they possibly can do – and more – to support this recovery effort.  You might not know that many properties up and down the beach have been closed since the hurricane due to the damage that they incurred.  Some might open back up by year-end, but others are talking about mid-2021.  Compared to many properties, we are ahead of the game.  All we ask is for your patience, understanding and cooperation.  We are all in this together.
Sincerely,Regency Isle BOD

Update: Otis elevator started working on elevators 2 & 3 this morning.

11/3/20 From Dale Kline, President