Well here I am a little sooner than later with another change.

We have decided the best course of action for parking for the MONTH of February would be just to have OPEN parking on P1 and ground floor. So, there will be NO reserved parking spots on property for the month of February. I plan on letting all the property management companies know this just after I finish the announcement.

The AC improvements will start on the following units on Monday. Again this is not for replacements just improvements on the roof AC units.

They are as follows for 2/1/21: 1203, 1006, 806, 606, 406, 1106, 906, 706, 506, 306.

Wednesday 2/3/21: 1202, 1005, 805, 605, 405, 1105, 905, 705, 505, 305. Of course, they will only be down a couple of days and still able to run their heaters. Estes is doing an outstanding job on these projects and we are so lucky they were available for us.

I hope everyone has an outstanding weekend!


Thursday 1/28/21