Hello to all

I hope all of our Louisiana/Texas families are doing well. I prayed for all of you during Laura and I hope for a speedy recovery.

All Hurricane reentry decals have been sent out. I distributed them during the annual meeting, in person, and the remainder by mail wrapping up last week. So, if you haven’t received them please let me know. I still have some set aside in the event you lose them.

It was brought to my attention by the guard that an owner had a dog out on the beach this past weekend. Pets are not permitted on the beach. It’s a city ordinance Chapter 10 Sections 10-3 – 10-20. If you are caught the police will issue you a ticket and you will have to go to court. The judge will determine the penalty amount. I love dogs, but dogs on the beach is against this City Ordinance.

Frank and Elray have completed pressure washing all the walkways. Looking good. Just a reminder that they found a lot of lint filters full. If you haven’t taken care of having them cleaned please do this as soon as possible. This is a fire hazzard . Vanessa is doing a great job cleaning lobby areas and elevators along with other chores. She is partime but she gets here and gets it done!

I hope all of you have a great Labor Day weekend. Be safe


September 4th Update