Hello to all. We are watching the weather closely and will probably make a call on Sunday to get our game plan implemented . We have two contractors lined up to help us out. Coastal Contractors (local) and Tim Harrison out of Tuscaloosa. I’ll certainly keep everyone updated when we know more.

I sent out an email to everyone about dryer vents that need to be cleaned. One was recommended by one of our owners. Duct Doctors 251-981-3828.

If you have not submitted your ballot, (most of you have), to vote on the proposed change to the HOA By-Laws to implement BOD term limits please submit as soon as possible, preferably by scanning, signing, & emailing to [email protected] You will find the ballot with this link

Other Important Documents

Now, even though the cover letter of the package you received via USPS indicated that not responding will be considered a “yes” vote, that is incorrect. Only ballots marked “yes” will be counted toward passing this change to the HOA By-Laws. BOD has extended the vote through September 15th. Ballots after that date will not be counted. Ballot is also on the website under important documents. Please try to vote as soon as possible. Your vote counts!

Frank and Elray got all walkways pressure washed this week, so they are looking good. Vanessa is doing a great job keeping up with the lobbies and elevators.

I hope everyone has a nice weekend.


August 21, 2020 Update