We had a lot of rain this past week but it seems to be clearing up and hopefully moving out of here!

Door painting for the 11th floor should be wrapped up on Monday and then they will be starting 10th floor and 9th floor.

Roofers should be wrapping up the 3rd floor this weekend. Weather permitting, of course.

Drumroll please. The gym will be opening on Monday. The equipment has been serviced and in working order. Rules are posted in the entrance door and both exercise rooms. We have installed sanitary dispenser wipes for people to use before and after a workout. No more than 2 people at a time in each room (they are small). Limit usage to 30 minutes so everyone has a chance to use the facilities. Sauna parts have not come in yet.

Just a reminder of our annual meeting May 1, 2021 at the adult activity center in Orange Beach. I have emailed everyone who doesn’t have the Certificate of Appointment on file here. If you did not get that email then it’s because the one I have on file is fine. So, please fill this form out and get it back to me as soon as you can. If you are unable to attend the meeting and want someone to vote on your behalf then we will need a proxy from you. There again as soon as possible.

Have a good weekend.


Weekly update April 16, 2021