Hello to all.

First of all, we need to welcome our new Board members! Our new President is Dale Kline, John Schween will remain our VP, George Griggs is our new Treasurer, Joan Presson our new Secretary, Rudi Miksa and Peggy Boullion will remain on the board another year. Don’t be too hard on them. Although, they know their stuff and should be a great addition to Regency Isle.

Most of you who were at the Annual meeting know that the wristband requirements passed. I am in the process of implementing this for Regency Isle and shooting for a July 1 start date. I want to test a few wristbands before I make a decision. This will help with the issue of chair rentals and illegal pets on property. I thank you, for all of those who have sent in their pet registrations.

I would like to remind everyone we are in high season right now and I’m going to allow only two parking passes per unit during this time. It’s a challenge this time of year.

Have a great weekend everyone.


UPDATE June 12, 2020