Hello to all. We have had a great last couple of days. Warm and sunny!

C-Sharpe has started the process of moving out. Everything that was stored on the ground floor has been moved to it’s owners. South parking lot should be cleaned up and ours again! Frank and Elray finished up pressure washing P-2 and C-Sharpe will do P1 and ground level.

We have a few punch list items for them to take care of and we will oversee this process to make sure it’s done satisfactorily.

The Annual meeting is scheduled for April 25, 2020 at 9:30 a.m. Peggy and I will be taking care of owner’s packet that will go out to you this week. Hope to see everyone there.

Remember parking rules and regulations for peak season do apply from now until about October.

One of our owners mentioned he would like to have his filter/ducts cleaned. I got in touch with Duct Doctor this week and I’m taking a unit count to see who may be interested in this. We may be able to get some sort of discount if it’s done in a group. Of course, if you are interested you can probably pay with a credit card over the phone or online.

Have a good weekend.

Patsy Layfield

UPDATE Friday March 13th!