Hello to everyone,

As you are probably aware, we have many contractors and workers on site now working in multiple units simultaneously replacing sheetrock, examining AC lines, and responding to individual owners’ requests.  Management and maintenance staff are working overtime to oversee their work.  We will discuss with all contractors the importance of knocking a few times upon arrival, introducing themselves, and explaining the purpose of entering each unit.

It has come to my attention Estes (the company that is on property) to repair the refrigerant lines for mostly but not limited to the 11 and 12 stacks.  We chose this company carefully because the scope of the work involved.  They have been in business for 18+ years, bonded, and have been very thorough with their plans to “get things right”.  It was mentioned that we accompany them during the day as they determine which lines go to corresponding units.  They are not marked and the challenge is to try to decipher which line goes to which unit.  This problem will be fixed with marking the new lines and protecting them better.  If we try to assign a person to go with them during this process it could possibly slow down the outcome.  They just started this process this past week and I am asking you to please allow them to do what is needed to get it done as quickly as possible.

In order to restore our building and all units back to par as quickly as possible, it is imperative that owners forewarn guests and renters to provide access to units as needed.  This changes on a daily basis so I do not always have an “exact” time for every unit.

I will be sending another update later with unit by unit.


Update 10/24/20