Hello to all.

Today is the big day. Beaches open here at five. There are quite a few boxes for rental chairs out there but, I have been assured by Ike’s they will follow safe distancing rules.

We have signs all over property reinstating the 6 foot rule to keep everyone safe. Our pool loungers are distanced 6 feet apart and tied to that distance. Hot tub has a limit of two, (it only measures about 6 feet), with a 30 minute time limit. So others have a chance to enjoy it too. Only two grills diagonal from each other are open at this time. This is a soft opening in difficult times. We will readjust accordingly when the time comes.

Let’s hope for the best for all of us. If you see us in a mask (we have black one’s) it’s still us in there.

Hope to see everone here.

Be well,


Opening Day 4/30