Hello to everyone,

Saturday Servpro update as follows:

Servpro crews completed units, 701, 702, 401 and will be turned over to Coastal Construction. Unit 301 is 80% complete with the removal of affected materials. Units 1001 and 1002, punch list items were completed.

Several units that were planned for removal of building materials this weekend were occupied. Units include 502, 505, 511, , 402 and 407. It is very important that the owners of these units contact me at 251-980-1725 asap to let me know when these units will not be occupied so that Servpro can complete the remediation work and that repairs can be completed. It is also advisable that these units remain unoccupied for the next 1-2 weeks so that the restoration work can be completed.

On Sunday, the crews completed unit 301, fitness/aerobic center, and 1001. Unit 409 was started as well. Punch list items were completed in units, 1008, 902, 1101, and cleaning in common areas. Today the crews will continue the removal of building materials in unit 409 and any units that were occupied over the weekend. Any owners of the occupied units please call me at 251-980-1735 to let me know when Servpro and get in and start the clean up process.

I also want to remind everyone about our quarterly Board Meeting this Saturday the 10th at 9:30 a.m. Let’s hope the storm goes elsewhere. If you decide not to travel you can participate in the meeting via teleconferencing. I will send instructions when we are closer to Saturday.

Have a good day.


October 5, 2020 Update