Hello everyone,

I spoke with Patsy earlier today and she asked that I send out this update.

Patsy, Frank and Elray are all OK but are dealing with significant damage to their own property. They are working as best they can to help get Regency Isle up and running. Thank you to all of them!

Although a full assessment has not yet been completed, it appears that damage is minimal compared to other complexes along the beach. There was some damage caused by debris, etc. The pool area will be closed for up to a week or until power is restored – which could be weeks based on the estimates from Baldwin EMC. The building generator is running but requires diesel fuel to continue which is in short supply down there but they are working diligently to get some. Patsy has already contacted the insurance adjuster to start the claim process.

Please note that there is no power in most of the county and cell service is spotty so communication will be tough for a while.

Chad Duncan

Hurricane Sally Damage Update