The “wristbands for renters” was kicked-off on July 1st as planned. Owner wristbands should be in next week, but just for the weekend we will use renter wristbands. We’ve had a few complaints, but for the most part everyone is agreeable and trying to make this work to protect our property and facilities. Ike’s Beach Chair Rental Service is on board, as well, requiring RI wristbands before renting chairs. I’ve ventured out to the beach a couple of times and chatted with the attendants, and all seems to be going well.

Again, please let me know by email (or call) if you will not be using your reserved space(s). I have the Centennial Parking Passes here for overflow parking also. Thus far, I have 4 owners that notified me that their spaces are available for overflow, but even a few extra spaces will help!

On behalf of the other staff members and myself, we want to wish you a great 4th of July weekend, and most of all stay safe!


Hello and Happy 4th of July