Hello to all. We are so very close to finishing the roof replacement. Had hoped to have it finished this week but we had a couple of washout days.

Should be wrapped up this upcoming week and then they will put things back in place and start the cleanup of the building. It’s going to look nice once they finish.

We got the new turtle lights and scaffolding in this week so Frank will start installing them next week. In between southside fence. They have been busy.

I updated insurance certificates for HVAC providers. I have Roberts, Island Air, T & M, Southern Air Systems, Williamson, Economy Air. It never hurts to update from time to time. Should you have someone you prefer to use the next time you call them have them bring a Certificate of insurance to the 3rd floor. They are very easy to acquire.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


Friday update 1/31/2020