We have had a beautiful week here at Regency Isle. Thinking of coming to the beach? Come on down.

We have had an issue with the paint peeling in the garage. I got an email from C-Sharpe and they are going to start working to remove the old paint on the west bay P2 area (column to column) on Wednesday August 12. We will also have the material rep on site to try to determine why it’s doing this.

I think the BOD meeting went really well. We have a great BOD looking out for the best interest of all owners.

We also have several people who came to the first Storm Committee meeting last Friday. Rudi Miksa has stepped up to head this committee, Thank you. We can always use help especially if you have had experience with hurricanes. Call me or email me and I will send you a sign up sheet.

Have a great weekend everyone!


August 7, 2020