Hi everyone!

The gym should be done by next week. I have Fitness Master coming in on Monday or Tuesday to check out the equipment to avoid any surprises. The parts for the Sauna were ordered last week so we are still waiting for them to come in.

The landscapers have started their planting! We have half moon beds with begonias and encore azaleas, so far. When we experienced the freeze his provider lost a lot of plants. So we will see what they plant next week. Can’t wait.

The metal roof repair was delayed because the manufacturer sent him the wrong color. So we are now looking at a next week completion.

Door painting will resume on Monday starting on the 11th & 10th floors. Depending on the weather, of course. If you have a guest in the unit and they don’t want them to paint all they need to do is let the painter know when he knocks on the door.

Have a good weekend.


April 9, 2021 Update