The Regency Isle Board of Directors allows unit owners to participate in official Owner and Board meetings using teleconferencing capability.   Callers will be able to listen to meeting proceedings and, as time permits, ask questions or make comments.  Callers may not use teleconferencing to vote on any agenda item in the Annual Owners’ meeting;  owners not physically present at the owners’ meeting will continue to cast votes using a  proxy according to by-laws.

To access the meeting, owners may use a landline or mobile phone to dial the free conference line ( .  Dial (605) 313-6064 and follow the prompts when directed to enter the following access code:  139277#.  This will give you access to the open teleconference line.

The purpose of teleconferencing is to allow owners to receive first-hand information relative to Regency Isle Association business.   Since the primary venue for conducting Association business is regular meeting format,  it is imperative that meetings continue to operate efficiently and smoothly.   The following protocols will ensure that business meetings continue to follow normally established meeting practices and Robert’s Rules of Order.

  • Dial the free conference call number and access number at least 15 minutes prior to meeting start time.
  • If asked by the moderator, identify yourself by name and unit number(s).
  • Place your phone on mute.  The moderator will also place callers on mute.  This is necessary to minimize static.
  • As appropriate and necessary, the President may invite comments or questions from callers. Please unmute your phone only if and when you wish to be recognized and return to mute when your turn to speak has finished.  Callers will identify themselves by name and unit number.
  • Every effort will be made to post a copy of the agenda and the handouts for the respective meeting on the Regency Isle Owners website the afternoon prior to the meeting.  Owners will need access to their password-protected account to view the documents.  Contact Property Manager Patsy Layfield at [email protected] if you need assistance accessing the website.

Please note that special equipment has been procured to promote improved sound quality, but clarity of sound is not guaranteed and may be affected by the caller’s device.