Normal Parking Resumes Today – July 7

Effective at noon on Sunday, July 7, owners and guests will park in their designated parking spaces (one numbered space on P-1 or P-2 and one open space on Ground Level per unit).  Please ensure each vehicle is tagged and moved to its assigned space.   Regency Isle staff will continue to monitor the parking availability in an effort to accommodate all owners and occupants during the busy summer season, if possible.  


Effective immediately and until further notice all parking except the 11th and 12th floor parking spaces are open. The ground floor is already full and renters are still coming. We have no choice but to extend open parking on P-1 and P-2.

July 4th Parking

Only two (2) cars per unit will be allowed for this week through Labor Day. This includes owners as well as renters. Guests will have to park offsite and be picked up and brought here. We cannot make any exceptions as we simply don’t have additional parking available.

Your understanding and assistance is appreciated.