October 4th Update

Hello to all.

We had a busy week. New Pumps installed and working great. They are stainless steel and will be able to handle the size of this building for years to come. They found all sorts of foreign objects while they installed the new units so I guess now is a good a time to mention the importance of not flushing things that do not need to overload the system if at all possible. Please remind rental companies etc.

C-Sharpe has finished grinding walkways and will be back on Monday to put epoxy in those areas. Should not take long to do this.

The contract to start the new roof has been signed sealed and ready to go! C-Sharpe will start first part of the week to roll equipment on the property to start this project. They say it will last until first of January. Given no problems come up. Of course, I will keep everyone posted.

Have a good weekend!


New announcement

Sorry for the delay but for those of you who are on property you may have noticed a pump truck on the grounds. The sewer ejection pumps failed over the weekend and we had to replace them with a newer better able to handle a building of this size system. It is installed and working better then ever. Quite too!

Indoor pool and other amenities there are now open as well.

Thank you!



Good morning everyone.

C -Sharpe is on property working on the walkway repairs. These repairs are necessary prior to the roof repair work and should take approximately 2 weeks. There should be minimal noise and no interference of walkway access. Once it’s repaired they will put a cone over it until it dries.

If you have any questions feel free to call me in the office 251-980-1735.


Mediacom Outage

Hello to all. Tom came down to let me know the cable was out so I thought I would pass this info along.

Mediacom says they are aware of the outage and will have it back up and running as soon as they can. They also told me to let everyone know not to turn box on or off it will mess things up with the cable when they get it back up and running.

Have a good day


New Property Manager

The Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Patricia Layfield as our new Property Manager.  Patsy comes into the role with more than a decade of experience in condominium property management in the local area, and we hope you will join us in welcoming her to Regency Isle.  She will begin September 2, at which time the office will resume full-time office hours.