Backflow Check Valve

The backflow check valve that sits on the outside of the building on the east end must be replaced. At first it was thought that it only controlled the sprinkler water, but further checking indicates it does control the sprinkler as well as drinking water to the entire facility. The new valve has arrived and will be installed Thursday, February 22nd, starting at 9:00 am. It will take anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. They will have extra people onsite to keep it to a minimum. Please make every effort to let your guest or rental company know this to help with the inconvenience. We have placed notices in the elevators, but not everyone reads the notices.

North Balcony Door Painting – Odd Floors

As soon as the weather clears, we will begin painting front entry doors. The door must be left open partially for an entire day, but not over night. The painter will return the following day to replace the weather stripping. The project will begin on the 11th floor with unit 1101. Only the odd numbered floors will be affected.

Update 12-8-17

The annual fire alarm test will be Thursday, December 143, 2017. It will begin at approximately 9:00 am. The alarm will go off several times that morning and could be on for an extended period. The technicians must enter every unit.

Our pest control service will be here Wednesday, December 20, 2017, at approximately 9 am to service unit on even numbered floors (4th, 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th).

Due to local weather C-Sharpe is off today. They will work tomorrow and possibly Sunday. They will try to finish coating the north balcony wall on the 4th and 3rd floors. That is the only thing outstanding except clean up. They are down to the 7th floor with that process. They hope to be completed with this phase of the project by the end of next week.

North Balcony update 11-17-17

12th Floor – Complete (Clean up in progress)

11th Floor – Complete (Clean up in progress)

10th Floor – Complete (Clean up in progress)

9th Floor – Complete (Clean up in progress)

8th Floor – Ceiling complete – Wall coating in progress – Expect to be complete by 11-20

7th Floor – Ceiling complete – Wall coating to begin 11-20

6th Floor – Ceiling Complete – Wall coating to begin 11-20

5th Floor – Ceiling complete – Wall coating to begin 11-27

4th Floor – Ceiling complete – Wall coating to begin 11-30

3rd Floor – Ceiling complete – Wall coating to begin 12-5

Coating can only be complete if the building does not sweat. If that happens coating must stop. However, as you will notice the ceilings are complete as of this afternoon except for punch list items.

North Balcony Update 11-10-17

Walkway Walls & Ceilings
12th Floor-
Stucco on ceiling is complete. Wall coating is complete. Clean up in progress.
11th Floor-
Stucco on ceiling is complete. Wall coating is complete. Clean up in progress.
10th Floor-
Stucco on ceiling is complete. Wall coating to start 11/10.
9th Floor-
Stucco on ceiling is complete. Wall coating to  start 11/16.
8th Floor-
Stucco on ceilings is complete. Wall coating to start 11/22.
7th Floor
Stucco on ceilings is complete. Wall coating to follow.
6th Floor-
Stucco on ceilings is in progress. Complete stucco on ceilings by 11/10. Wall coating to follow.
5th Floor
Stucco on ceilings to begin 11/11. Wall coating to follow.
4th Floor
Concrete and corrosion inhibitor are complete. Stucco on ceilings to begin 11/14.
3rd Floor
Concrete and corrosion inhibitor are complete. Stucco on ceilings to begin