Owners Handbook

A draft of the Regency Isle Owners Handbook has been posted to the website under “Important Documents – Other Documents” and will be emailed to owners. You are invited to review the handbook to provide questions or comments to improve clarity, accuracy, and comprehensiveness. Please send your comments to Peggy at [email protected] by April 9, 2019.

Ground Floor Update 3-8-19

The next to the last section of concrete was poured yesterday. Re-bar has been installed in the last section and will be poured the first of next week. Also, the parking space lines will be stripped the first of next week and the parking bumpers installation will start the first of next week.

Everything is on schedule to be complete by the end of the month.

Ground Floor Construction Update 2-28-2019

The rear parking area concrete work is complete. They are now working on the section from the southwest side of the building to the northwest side of the building. The re-bar is being prepared for a concrete pour possibly tomorrow depending on the weather. That will leave two (2) more sections to be poured. The stripping and parking bumpers will be installed immediately after the concrete is complete. The project is right on schedule to be completed by the end of March.