North Balcony Update 10-18-17

At present texture is being applied to the 12th floor. As soon as possible they will move to the 11th floor and start texturing. Both floors should be complete by Friday afternoon. They should be able to begin texturing the 10th floor by the end of the week, also.


Existing texture removal has been completed on the 5th floor. They should presently be working on the 4th floor. By the end of the week they plan to be finished removing the old texture from all floors. They will then start repairing the concrete making it ready for texture. By the first of next week we will have a better idea of where we stand overall. An update will be posted as soon as we have additional information.

As you can imagine with all this work going on at one time the building is a mess. It cannot be cleaned until all texture work is complete. Once that happens we will being the next faze of the north balcony rework.

We appreciate your understanding as the work has been slower than expected because the material was extremely hard to remove and two hurricanes had to be dealt with.

Look for additional updates next week.

Please remember the office is closed until October 30th. Frank Brown is available for emergencies if needed at the office number (251-980-1735).

The Board of Directors

Hurricane Update 10-8-17

We are happy to report that we have no damage to share. We spent about 3 days moving balcony furniture and putting all outside furniture up. It seems to have paid off since there was no damage done to the building from flying objects.

Don’t forget that the north balcony project continues. The building is looking pretty rough, but hopefully, when it is complete, the inconvenience will have been worth while. We are running behind schedule, but at least the contractor is still trying to catch up if the bad weather will hold off.

Please don’t expect any additional updates until week after next. We will try to post a new schedule some time that week.  Please limit emails as no responses will be available for the next week.

North Balcony Update 9-28-17

A meeting with C-Sharpe and BE-CI was held today to discuss the north balcony project. As you know, work is about 3 weeks behind the planned schedule. Part of the delay in no one’s fault. At present they are using one blaster and two grinders. By the end of next week they will have 3 to 4 blasters and 4 to 5 grinders. The plan is to work on as many floors as possible o attempt to catch up with the original schedule. This will put them on floors 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 all at the same time. The worse case scenario will be that the project runs around 2 weeks late if there are no additional surprises, but they do not want to put out another schedule until they get all the equipment in place to see if they can meet the original schedule.

The Board of Directors

North Balcony Update 9-22-17

Because of the unavoidable delay in getting started the ceiling texture project is running late. The plan originally was to grind the texture off the ceiling; however, it was decided to try the water blasting process to avoid the mess, less noise, and it was supposed to be quicker.

Once the sub-contractor started blasting it was obvious that the texture was not readily coming off the ceiling. They worked on the 12th floor ceiling for 2 and a half days and realized they were unable to get the texture off. So the general contractor decided to go back to the grinding process. They will work today and tomorrow getting the floors sealed off and the equipment in place to start grinding on Monday.

By mid-week we hope to have a better idea for a schedule. Once this is determined you will be notified.

Thank you,

The Board of Directors

North Balcony Update 9-9-17

The blasting crew started today on the 12th floor. The amount of equipment and clutter is more than imagined. The overall schedule has not changed; however, they will not be able to completely finish the 11th floor by September 22nd. They will work this coming Saturday to make up time. They will do their best to finish the 12th, 11th, 10th, and 9th floors by September 29th, which puts them back to the original schedule.

Again, I would like to tell you the floors are almost full of equipment, hoses, and people. When the texture falls it gets all over the floors. Each floor is being sealed off to the best of their ability, but it is still all over. After seeing it today I would highly recommend not planning to come while they are working on your floor.

North Balcony Update 9-15-17

We just received word that the blasting crew will arrive and begin work on Monday, September 18. By Tuesday we should have an idea how well they are doing.

For the past several weeks C-Sharpe has had a crew here replacing the old caulk around doors and windows. This had to be done before the walls are coated, so we haven’t lost that much time. This will just make the project go quicker when the ceiling are done.

If you have a guest, family, or yourselves on property now you should have sent your waiver. If you have not please do so immediately. This is to protect your Association.

Upcoming Projects

Starting Monday, September 18, the pavilion will be closed for a week. The structure is being re-roofed. The grills will not be available.


On Monday, September 25, the indoor pool area will be closed for a week. The indoor pool will be plastered during this time.

Work Schedule and Waiver

We are expecting some delays in starting our project next Monday, Sept. 11th, with the blasting crew due to Hurricane Irma. They are based in Daytona, FL, so getting here could be a problem.

The waiver that must be signed and returned if you are expecting guests during construction is on the website, see below.

Remember you do not need a password to look something up ( Hover over “Information”, go down to”Important Documents”, then click on “Other Important Documents”. The first item is the proposed schedule and the second item is the waiver. The first item will be updated every Friday with what has been completed and then on Monday we will advise what we intend to do for the week. Please look at the website often to keep telephone calls to a minimum.