At the October board meetings an assessment was approved to replace the membrane on 1201’s balcony, which is a limited common element. There have been several areas which leaked into 1101 causing a lot of damage to the ceiling.

The memo of the meeting was mailed to everyone after the meeting, but apparently several owners didn’t receive the notification. The assessment is effective Jan. 1st and due no later than Feb. 15th.

As usual 3 to 4 contractors have been invited to bid the project. Hopefully, the work will begin the early part of February.

Construction Update 12-14-18

The plan is to open the ground floor to foot traffic next Friday, December 21, 2018. The contractor is still working on the west end of the parking deck. That work should be completed the first week in January. Then they will move to the driveway and start with that phase of the project.

We will probably not have another update until January 4, 2019.

Annual Fire Alarm Test

The annual fire alarm test will be on Thursday, December 20, 2018, between 10 am and noon. The alarm will sound several times during that timeframe, but you DO NOT have to evacuate. You may want to plan a day trip, however. Every unit must be entered by a technician long enough to check the speaker in each unit.

Please make sure your guest and/or rental company is aware.

Construction Update 11-30-18

The contractor continues pouring sections of concrete as he moves east to west. Within the next two weeks they intend to start on the east end leveling the dirt between the parking pad and the pool. Then they will install the parking bumpers, which are already onsite. Overall the project is going well.