Parking Space Availability

Anyone not using their assigned parking space/s this coming weekend, Memorial Day, please let me know. I am sure we will need every available space. My email address has not changed, but [email protected] works also. I do hope everyone has an enjoyable holiday.

P-2 and P-1 Coating Project

Just a reminder, the P-2 and P-1 parking deck coating project starts on March 27th. The staging for this project will start on March 20th, which will close the outside parking spaces on the west by the dog walk station. The dog walk station will not be affected. When the work begins the P-2 parking deck will be completely closed. Therefore, the board made the decision that all parking on P-1 and the ground floors will be open parking. There will be NO reserved parking during that time. Likewise, when the work moves to the P-1 parking deck, all parking on P-2 and the ground floors will be open parking. Again during that work, there will be NO reserved parking.

Electrical Panel Replacement and Power Outage

The electrical panel on P-2 servicing the units on the 09 and 10 stacks will be replaced on Wednesday, May 3, 2017. The power to the entire building will be shut off as it was the last time for the entire day. Please make sure your guests are aware of this unfortunate inconvenience. This is not for cosmetic purposes. Electrical power is being lost in the 2 stacks and the only fix is to replace the panel. Your usual understanding is appreciated.