Construction Update

As some  of you know, unfortunately, I have been out due to unexpected surgery. I was supposed to be on vacation in Alaska, but ended up spending part of the time in the hospital and the other recuperating at home.


I understand some way rumors started flying. Well, they need to stop. When I left the ground floor project was slated to start on September 10th and be completed by the end of the December. The only thing that has changed is the start date. With any construction project, and especially large ones, schedules must be flexible. Someone said, without merit, that the project could take 6 months to complete. It most likely will, but the ground floor will be open for foot traffic around the end of the year as originally planned. Parking will remain open on P-1 and P-2 for the entire project, which should not cause a problem.

Someone else said a Board member must be taking kickbacks – WHAT? Where in the world could that have come from?


Rumors do NO  good! As soon as specifics are known they will be shared as soon as possible.


With this said, we still expect the ground floor to open by the end of the year with the exception of parking.

August Pest Control and Elevator Upgrades

Our August pest control service will be on Friday, August 10th between 9 am and 11 am. The even floors will be serviced.


Originally the elevator upgrades were put on hold. Otis had a change in their schedule and asked if they could start our project earlier. The elevator upgrades will begin Thursday, August 9th at 8 am. They will work on one elevator at a time and when they leave every afternoon all three elevators will be in service. They plan to finish the project by August 20th.

Memo From Board Meeting 8-4-18


Regency Isle Condominium Association




TO: All Regency Isle Owners

From: Board of Directors 8-4-18

Subject: Highlights of Quarterly Board of Director’s Meeting

  • The ground floor asphalt removal project will start on September 10th. All parking will be open parking on P1 and P2.  The ground floor parking deck and driveway will be closed.   The project will most likely last until the end of the year. The Board would like to discourage renting your units during this time because of the noise and general construction.  However, if you do decide to rent during this time, please make renters aware of the ground floor closure and non-assigned parking spaces during this time.
  • Access to the pool and beach area will be on the east side of the building, from the east stairwell.  The route will be posted. No access will be available from the ground floor of the elevator during the project.
  • Any owner or guest who is on the property and does not have a valid parking permit displayed will be subject to having a boot installed on the vehicle.  The cost to have the boot removed is $100.00, which includes the cost of a parking permit.
  • No drones can be operated on Regency Isle Property unless prior approved by the Property Manager.
  • Thank you to all who have replaced their aging hot water heaters; however, there are still some that need to be addressed.  If you have not had a chance to do so, please get with the property manager and he will be glad to assist you. The board feels this is a necessity in minimizing water leaks and flooding of units and ask that they be changed by Dec 1, 2018.
  • Minutes of the meeting will be posted on the Regency Isle website.