Regency Isle Owners,

A Regency Isle unit schematic has been posted under “information/important documents/other important documents” on this website. This is a street-side schematic of the building with unit numbers and owners’ last names. The Board has carefully considered this and determined that there is no privacy violation, as this information (plus some) is available to the public on the Baldwin County tax records website. We believe this is a positive step toward enhancing communication at Regency Isle. The schematic is up-to-date with the last sale in the building (early September). Going forward, the schematic will be updated quarterly, assuming new sales have occurred. The link to the schematic is Regency Isle Unit Schematic.

Please note the following:

  • If the information for your unit is incorrect, please contact the Board Secretary.
  • If you would like to have a cell number or email address displayed on the schematic, please contact the Board Secretary with the additional information to display, and your email will serve as your permission to display this information.
  • Board Secretary contact info: [email protected]


Joan Presson, BOD Secretary

Regency Isle Unit Schematic 09/27/2020