Regency Isle Owners,

The Board and staff met via teleconference at 3:00 pm yesterday (10/02). Below is the latest on the situation and issues being considered:


  • Outdoor pool is now open.


  • Two of the three elevators need repairs related to the electrical panels.
  • Elevator number 3 needs repairs costing approximately $13,000.
  • Elevator number 1 needs repairs costing approximately $57,000.
  • The elevator repair company will not order parts or perform any service without “up front” payment.
  • The Board will make a “draw” from the HOA insurance to repair the elevators.

Parking and Onsite Construction Issues

  • While Regency Isle is not closed to renters, please realize that during moisture mitigation and sheetrock repair, issues exist relative to:
    • Parking (Construction vehicles and construction equipment are parked at various places within the parking garage.)
    • Availability and cleanliness of elevators, and
    • Noise
  • If you choose to rent, please communicate these issues/potential issues to your guests.

Moisture Mitigation

  • ServPro is cutting out sheetrock in certain units and checking for moisture, mold, or rust on metal studs or other surfaces behind the sheetrock.
  • Information regarding schedule of units affected will be posted as information is available from the contractors (ServPro for removal of sheetrock and moisture mitigation and Coastal Construction for repair of sheetrock and painting).
  • Check the Regency Isle website for updates pertaining to units to be serviced and expected schedule, or contact Patsy Layfield (Regency Isle Property Manager) at 251-709-3898.

HVAC Units

  • As an initial evaluation, John Schween (Board Vice-President) and Frank Brown (Maintenance Supervisor) inventoried all exterior HVAC units to identify those with obvious damage and not operational, and owners of those HVAC units have been notified.
    • Most units appear to be working fine, so replacement of HVACs will be minimal (likely less than 10 units).
    • Controlled air is now active in most units.
  • To ensure that all units have been professionally evaluated, Island Air will be performing a basic check-out of all exterior units to categorize them per the following:
    • Performing up to specifications.
    • Need repair and are repairable.
    • Not working properly and not repairable, i.e., needs replacement (unit turned over or with visible damage).
    • See “Issue Voted on by Board” below.
  • A mechanical engineer has been hired to oversee the HVAC evaluation process and to develop the statement of work for any new HVACs that must be purchased.
    • Any replaced units must match the specifications of the existing unit.
    • If the exterior unit is replaced, the interior unit will likely need to be replaced, as well.
      • Commercial building code states that exterior HVAC units must be compatible with corresponding interior HVAC units without installation of compatibility kits.
      • In other words, it is not within code to replace the exterior unit with a different make, model, or specification, and then install a compatibility kit to enable it to work properly with the interior unit.
      • So, unless an identical exterior unit is available, the interior HVAC unit will also need to be replaced.

FEMA Update

  • Claims for financial assistance can only be filed by owners who occupy their units full-time, i.e., unit is their primary residence.
    • No owner can file a claim if they rent their unit.
    • No owner can file a claim if the unit is a second residence.

Issue Voted on by Board

  • Dale Kline (Board President) proposed that the HOA contract with Island Air of Orange Beach to evaluate all exterior HVACs to determine if they need repair or replacement. John Schween (Board Vice-President) seconded this proposal. This proposal is based on the recommendation of the HOA’s insurance company adjuster and Young and Associates, consults for the insurance company. This will cost $100 per unit or $11,600 for all units (116 total units, including office and common areas). The cost will be covered by insurance and applied toward the $600,000 deductible. The vote was unanimous to proceed with signing a contract for these services.


Joan Presson, BOD Secretary

Post Hurricane Sally Update 10/03/2020